Given the safety and security situation in South Africa as well as the rest of the world, businesses today need to be aware of potential security threats and protect themselves in the necessary ways.

EXPRO Protection Services has a variety of services including risk assessments, VIP protection, maritime security and specialist training of operatives for secure work and social environments.

We care about your safety, security and your business.

Corporate Intelligence and Investigations

Be it stock shrinkage, staff vetting or sensitive investigations, businesses are realizing the benefits intelligence and investigations.

Using this approach, with even risk assessments pre-incident, organizations are benefitting from improved work environments, increased profitability, better hiring choices and lower insurance premiums.

The approach integrates security and corporate investigation before issues arise, but if there is shrinking stock, security risks or personnel mal-practice, the EXPRO team works efficiently and cost-effectively so clients can make informed decisions and act appropriately.


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“EPS have been assisting the on site Security by providing armed personnel to secure the access to the facility during shift changes. They have been very professional in their conduct/work & I’m proud to say that we did not have any further incidents with Expro’s presence and assistance on site.” Otto Wagener, Security Superintendent, BASF