Given the safety and security situation in South Africa as well as the rest of the world, businesses today need to be aware of potential security threats and protect themselves in the necessary ways.

EXPRO Protection Services has a variety of services including risk assessments, VIP protection, maritime security and specialist training of operatives for secure work and social environments.

We care about your safety, security and your business.

Close Protection Training

The EXPRO 35-day close protection course caters especially for small team operations and individuals who want to work in the close protection environment.

The full Advanced Close Protection Officer training covers five weeks, but there is flexibility to attend designated weeks for specific training.




Four weeks

Advanced CPO Training (high-risk)

One week

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Course

One week

Team Leader Training Course

One week

PSD Training for Close Protection

One Week Advanced Weapons Training
3 Days First person on scene (FPOSI) 


Who is the course for?

The close protection training program has been designed for persons currently working within, or those wishing to enter the highly specialized field of close protection. Close protection services are required worldwide by corporate executives, celebrities, high-profile individuals, politicians and diplomats and employees in hostile environments.

Course benefits

Upon graduation, individuals and employers will benefit from:

  • A recognized international qualification approved by the Professional Bodyguard Association (PBA)
  • A South African Qualification (SASSETA) Certificate recognized by the South African National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • Improved employment possibilities
  • Access to a network of specialized persons and membership to PBA


Upon graduation from the Close Protection Officer training you will leave with:

  • A SASSETA recognized Close Protection Course certificate. SASSETA falls under the South African National Qualification (SAQA) framework
  • BTEC Level 3 CPO Qualification from PBA UK (Pearson)
  • Close Protection Certificate from PBA UK
  • An international medical certificate issued from the American Safety and Health Institute including F POS Intermediate (PEARSON)
  • A Close Protection Operative Certificate from EXPRO
  • Course report on completion of all assessments
  • The pass rate is 60% and 80% overall will make you eligible for a Company Operative badge
  • 4x4 Driving and Defensive Driving Skills certificate (five-week course)
  • Advance Firearm Proficiency Course certificate
  • Close Protection Certificate from PBA UK once you successfully completed the exam at PBA
  • Optional: bungee jump certificate (five-week course)

2017 course dates

Each course is limited to 10 attendees, and the days run from 8am until 4pm.


Course 1/2017

January 16 - February 18

Course 2/2017

February 27 - March 26

Course 3/2017

April 4 - April 30

Course 4/2017

Advanced CPO course presented by Albert Timen from KAPAP ACADEMY USA here in South Africa only 20 places available.

Dates: May 22 - June 14

Course 5/2017

July 4 - July 30

Course 6/2017

August 15 - September 10

Course 7/2017 October 3 - November 5
Course 8/2017 November 14 - December 17

Further information

For further information or to make a booking contact Freddie van Wyk on freddie@expro-protection.com or call +27 41 365 1191.